What does care look like or feel like to you?
How have you cared within your community, for others and yourself?

How have people been caring to you?

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Developed for Plymouth Art Weekender

‘How did we care?
How do we care?
How will we care?’

...is a public artwork being developed with the aim of understanding and platforming the caring networks that exist within Plymouth and the importance they have held in the past, during this current moment and will have in the future.

In light of the current situation - the main focus of the project encompasses the urgency and effect of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as how to work realistically within its limitations. The project focus on highlighting Networks of Care within Plymouth - how such networks have been integral to supporting communities throughout these turbulent times (and for many of us, before this).

This website is a space to gather responses, collect conversation and to these questions and to create a resources and archive of the caring networks and communities within Plymouth.

The selection of responses will be published on posters and will be on show around Plymouth in various locations from the windows of Theatre Royal Plymouth, making use of the promotional/advertising spaces that are currently out of use. The posters will also be proudly on display in cafes, small businesses, bus stops and residential windows, bridging the gap between the public and domestic space.

All the responses will be on show on rotation on  this website during Plymouth Art Weekender.

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This work grows from a place of solidarity with the caring work that has been ongoing continuously in Plymouth’s past, present and future, and aims to shed light on communities of care and care behind closed doors.


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